How do I create a link from an image?

To create a link from an image you must first click on the image to select it. Once you have selected the image you must click the "hyperlink" icon in the toolbar. The hyperlink dialog box will appear and display four options. These options will allow you to link to either a local page (a page on your site), external page (a page on another website), E-Mail Address, or file on your site.You can link to another page on your website by selecting the radio button labeled "Local Page" then selecting the page to which you would like to link from the drop down menu and click "ok".You can link to any other page on the internet by selecting the radio button labeled "External Page" and entering the URL (Example: of the page you wish to link in the provided field and clicking "ok".You can link to any other file you have uploaded to your site by clicking on the radio button labeled "Uploaded File". You can then select the file name from the drop down menu and click "ok".
How do I create a new page?

To create a new page, select the "new page" icon from the toolbar. Enter the desired page name in the box provided. Choose whether you want a blank page, to copy a page from a template, or to cloe an existing page, then click "Add".

How do I add text to my site?

To add text to your site, select the 'add text' icon from the toolbar. A movable text box will be added to the top left hand corner and the words '<Your Text Here.>' are displayed. You can then click in the text box to change the text or drag and drop the text wherever you want it to appear on your page.
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